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Minimalism at core

We believe that well-considered design can inspire the choice of a balanced and more harmonious living, thus leading to a better world. Our genuine interest in sustainable design extends to every aspect of our workings.

Every product or service is thoroughly considered with regards to design, value, and purpose. That’s why we create memorable objects and services that help to raise awareness and inspire change in people’s attitudes leading to a more sustainable future.



Sir Walter Scott wrote, “Piled deep and massy, close and high mine own romantic town” immortalising his love of Edinburgh in his epic poem “Marmion”.

Unsurprisingly, there is a strange awakening of emotions about Edinburgh, this fairy tale city of shifting light, of changing skies, of the unexpected that is yet so familiar. Whenever you walk through the grandiose Georgian houses in New Town, smell the ubiquitous city aromas of malt yeast carried in the wind, or get lost in the mysterious closes, the winding alleys and stone-paved streets of the medieval Old Town; there is always something that sparks a memory. And the enchanting stories of old times and different eras await to be explored.


Sustainability at core

Our environmental and social commitments are an integral part of our values. We recognise our planet is a reflection of the society that inhabits it and take our responsibility seriously for contributing towards a greener environment, and thereby creating a better future for all. That’s why we strive to ensure sustainabilty in every step we take, and are dedicated to complying with social demands, ethical norms and international standards.

Through our collaborations and committed partnerships with carefully selected suppliers and manufacturers, we offer memorable objects of high quality and thoughtful design. We demand our suppliers meet the same high standards that we represent ourselves, in order to ensure all production is carried out by people under decent working conditions.

In our product development process, we focus on the entire life cycle of the product.
We minimise the packaging material to reduce our impact on the environment and to lower the use of CO2. We mainly use cardboard or recycled paper as packaging material.
At the end of the product’s life cycle, it is important that our use of sustainable materials enables the product to be disassembled, sorted, recycled or used for new energy.


hellofrom Edinburgh

Whether walking among the grand Georgian buildings of the New Town, smelling the ubiquitous city aromas carried in the wind, or getting lost in the mysterious cobbled pends and closes of the medieval Old Town, there is always something that arouses a memory. And the enchanting stories of old times and different eras await exploration. 

Hellofrom Edinburgh is a portrait of the capital of Scotland that reveals a unique insight into the places that exemplify the spirit, heritage and vibrancy of Edinburgh.

Created by award-winning 
hellofrom, hellofrom Edinburgh is a design-conscious city guide that offers modern travellers and discerning locals a grand tour of design, food, culture and lifestyle in Edinburgh. All places are meticulously researched not only on the basis of quality and aesthetics, but also in regard to their desire to inspire change for a better tomorrow.

Innovative shops, vibrant cultural spaces, a thriving café culture, and restaurants that celebrate the finest Scottish produce – all  these places reflect the ethos and philosophy of hellofrom. Illustrated with original photography and copy the hellofrom Edinburgh city guide becomes an object for inspiration and beyond.