Hello from Sani-45

hellofrom Sani

We arrive for our debut appearance at Sani Resort with our first summer store and a series of immersive pop ups that celebrate the Greek summer.

The walks through golden dunes, the reeds swaying in the gentle morning breeze, the nightingale songs, the wild herb aromas, the careless strolls in the shade of pine trees, become the creative references and source of inspiration for the hellofrom Sani. project.

Hellofrom recreates an archetypal Greek summer holiday and plays on this nostalgia to offer a number of new products and a series of events and immersive experiences. The new capsule collection is the first sustainable collection inspired by Sani. Reflecting the brand’s minimalist aesthetic and love of travel, the collection translates the Greek summer spirit into sustainable objects that immortalise the most joyful memories from a summer spent in Sani.

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