caran d’ache x monocle Pen

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The classic and understated Caran d’Ache ballpoint pen, made from aluminium, exclusively features the Monocle and Caran d'Ache logos and will give you about 8,000 metres of gentle handwriting pleasure.

Trust the Swiss to develop a pen of pinpoint accuracy and appeal that's perfectly balanced, weighted and considered. Its hexagonal profile signifies its heritage, with the company name being a play on words based on the Russian term for “pencil”.

Used by Monocle staffers at Midori House, a Caran d’Ache pen will add a little touch of luxury to your writing. These new bright-hued beauties – which come with blue ink – tick all the boxes.

Material: Aluminium

Made in: Switzerland

Dimensions: Length: 13cm (5.1in)

Case: 17cm x 4.3cm (6.7in x 1.7in)